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Create or maintain sensible living space.
For this purpose, we have expanded our suppliers in order to be able to offer our customers appropriate materials for healthy living.
In doing so, we have valued the modernity and up-to-dateness of the materials and will continue to value them. We are constantly on the lookout for modern materials that we will offer, if they are needed in the isolated cases.
For the delivery of materials the grouping “Ferreteria – SCRBau Tenerife, S.L.
The modernization of your home, or even the construction of your new house in Tenerife, we do with the grouping of our company “Construccion – SCRBau Tenerife, S.L.” ,
Planning for renovations, preliminary planning for the architects, reconstruction planning and much more, we do with the group “Planning – SCRBau Tenerife, S.L.“.
You can find your new property at “Inmobiliaria – SCRBau Tenerife, SL“, where real estate is managed and brokered, investment property in the hotel sector, commercial real estate, new building projects, fund management, managing investor funds and much more can be found under the group “Investment – SCRBau Tenerife, SL

Administrative procedures such as building permits, electricity, water and much more are managed by our Organization and Consultancy Department, on this page you are currently on (www.scr-bau.eu).

We would like to organize the following services for you.
– Authorities
– Permits (Structural Measures)
– We offer tax matters through our tax advisor.
– We assist with company mergers, as well as with the mediation of a tax adviser for the ZEG areas,
(Interesting for the investment area)
– Bolitin for electrical installations as well as gas installations, Energiebolitin! We can do all of this under certain conditions
Create conditions.

and much more.

Through our twenty years of activity here in Tenerife, contacts were made through us, which we like to work with the individual benefit, because who wants to exist as a lone fighters has it very difficult.

If you have questions about your construction project, your new real estate, your interest in modern building materials, or precious metals such as gold and silver, or investment opportunities, please contact us, and we discuss everything else.

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