Harald M. Brunk Haas

Harald M. Brunk Haas
Monday May 2nd, 2016

Harald Michael Brunk Haas

Carretera General Tf 5 Buen Paso 14
38434 Buen Paso – Icod de los Vinos
Tel. u. Fax.:     +34 922 814756
Mobil:               +34 659 022350
E-Mail:  harald@scr-bau.com

Since April 1998, in Tenerife resident, first as an employee here working on the island and for a health Deepstrike was once active as a consultant. After the establishment or enrollment in the Spanish limited liability company, I was employed as a consultant and representative of what I practice even to this day.
In my area of responsibility are the site visits, create calculations, and talking with customers to perform.

I am happy if we can help you.

Harald M. Brunk Haas (founding member)

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