Investment – SCRBau Tenerife, S.L.

In this division we deal with the topics gold and silver trading, hotel investment, hotel buying and selling, planning and organizing hotel renovations or renovations, new construction investment, and much more !. More information can be found on our investment page.

Planings – SCRBau Tenerife, S.L.

We also plan your remodeling, cultivation, modernization and much more. For this we have created an extra page, which can be found here under the following link.   You can send us a message via the contact form on our site.

Building Materials – SCRBau Tenerife, S.L.

Here you will receive your building materials for your renovation, remodeling or new construction work. We deliver up to your construction site with our cooperation partners. Search for your building materials but the same time you need. Information can be found at:

Real Estade – SCRBau Tenerife, S.L.

In this area we are dealing with real estate brokerage, real estate management, under the name Real Estate – SCRBau Tenerife, S.L .. You are welcome to check out the website, we may have a property that you like.

Construccion – SCRBau Tenerife S.L.

Here you will find the website of Construccion – SCRBau Tenerife S.L. There we deal mainly with the structural measures whether it is in the field of renovation, renovation or in the area of new construction or extensions. Just drop by.