The fundamentals of sustainable investing

The fundamentals of sustainable investing
The term sustainability describes the principle of aligning today’s action with the permanent preservation of the system and its livelihoods.

Although not so long ago as prominent in the public debate as today, he is in no way dismissed as a fashion concept, because the idea behind it is very old.

In forestry, the principle that only so many trees are to be cut down and regrown has been formulated as a goal for some 300 years and has been practiced regionally since the late Middle Ages.

And in general: the idea of ​​preserving the existing was much more present in earlier epochs than in the past 200 years since industrialization. Where economic activity took place within the framework of family businesses that had been inherited for generations, permanent securing of assets took precedence over short-term profit maximization.

If we focus on sustainability today, this is not a novelty, but the return to self-evident maxims of action, which, however, have been repeatedly suppressed in view of the exorbitant profit opportunities since the industrialization and the disintegration of property and management.


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