What is a sustainable investment

Wie kann der Aspekt der Nachhaltigkeit bei der Investition berücksichtigt werden? Hier lassen sich mehrere Stufen unterscheiden, wobei auch innerhalb jeder dieser Varianten die Maßstäbe recht unterschiedlich angelegt werden können. So können Ausschlusskriterien

The fundamentals of sustainable investing

The fundamentals of sustainable investing The term sustainability describes the principle of aligning today’s action with the permanent preservation of the system and its livelihoods. Although not so long ago as prominent in the public debate as today, he is in no way dismissed as a fashion concept, because the idea behind it is very […]

our intuition to your advantage

Create or maintain sensible living space. For this purpose, we have expanded our suppliers in order to be able to offer our customers appropriate materials for healthy living. In doing so, we have valued the modernity and up-to-dateness of the materials and will continue to value them. We are constantly on the lookout for modern […]

Get started with the right documents.

Restart with the right documents !, For this we have put together a lot and information you can see as good advice on the page Invest – SCRBau Tenerife SL published. With the texts described there one can easily start something and put into action. Take a look and get the information! Further interesting information […]

Amendment of our Memorandum

Another step in the right direction now is the change of our company’s deed of incorporation with the additions, * Fund management. * Other business consulting activities. * Mediating and trading with various products. * Market studies * Other credit activities, Which will extend our services to these points, and this comes in the investment […]