authorities visits

The term “authorities” means:

– Obtaining permits for renovation, rebuilding, renovations, New buildings,
   earthmoving etc.
– Change of Property contracts to electricity and water connections
– Notary appointments on your behalf with authority (power)
– Meetings with architects on the progress of your construction measures,
  Planning, surveying, ect.
– Other incidents, and not mentioned here.

For this there is no lump sum.
Here, we create an order of confirmation and a power of attorney to act on your behalf, so that we can work with you with a copy of your identity card and our documents.
This service we charge with the incurred kilometres cost, and necessary times on the offices, eventual fees, ect.

We calculate the kilometres driven with 0,55 Euro, as well as the hour for such a service with 30.00 Euro.
For prints in colour per sheet 0,50 Euro
For prints in black per sheet 0,40 Euro
Office hours, complete of documents etc, are settled as the hourly rates as described above

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